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QLBG1800(1600) Auto Aluminum Trough Insulating Glass Roll-Pressing Production Line



Vertical insulating glass LBG1800 press line, the use of PLC control, all-Chinese touch screen display and operation, convenient operation, stable operation: automatic review films, a high degree of automation.
VVVF generate high efficiency.
Paragraph used to clean the whole tank full of stainless steel structure, two-stage cleaning, water levels, clean.
Unique structure with a strong wind knife fan, air-dry completely fast.
Automatic Roll-delay, with an automatic answering machine, glass cladding with a piece automatic order completion.

Input Voltage Total Power Max.Glass Size Glass thickness Working Speed Total Weight Size of Line
380V 50HZ 11KW 1600¡Á3200mm 3-8mm 4-10m/min 3000Kg 11800¡Á2250¡Á2400mm

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