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LJZ2-CNC-500¡Á4200 CNC Double head Precision Cutting Saw for Aluminum Door&Window


¡öused for not only aluminum profile and curtain wall profile cutting ,but also comerconnector cutting.
¡öfeeding system adopts imported linear guide pair,with high accuracy and long service sife.
¡öright head feeding adopts hihg helical pitch ball screw -lead motion,with high accuratedriving locating and smooth working.
¡öadopt cnc technique,can achieve various profiles auto cutting off .
¡ö22.5¡ã 45¡ã and 90¡ãcutting is available .
¡öimported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and hihg endurance.
¡öimported linear bearing motion pair ensured steady processing accuracy.
¡ösaw blade rotate smoothly due to high accuracy main spindle.
¡öuniform sped feeding and smooth motion due to airdraulic damping cylinder.
¡öauto-opening guard shield ensurde safety operation.

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