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QLBP1800(1600) Auto Aluminum Trough Insulating Glass Flat-Pressing Production Line



The production line is composed of vertical glass inspection transporter,vertical automatic glass scavenging dehydrator,vertiacl glass inspection transporter,vertical automatic aluminium frame locating machine,vertical glass flat pressing,vertical glass reversible transporter,binding machine,butyl extruder machine,bicomponent rubber-beating machine,moleclar sieve bottler,and rotaiy rubber-spreading machine The prouction line is composed with PLC programs and has adopted advanced Austrian technology and flat press mode which is quite popular in the word in the production of hollow glass,The automatic flat press machine has a unique designation of two boxes(the box in the front is extracted to a vacuum state and the box in the bacx is responsible for providing driving driving momentum with floating air)to enable the two pieces of glass binding into one on one time.It is also suitable for producing hollow glass of different sizes,shaped hollow glass and glass curtain walls and three-layer hollw glass,It is characterized with stable property,precise measurement and high efficiency.

Input Voltage Total Power Max.Glass Size Glass thickness Working Speed Total Weight Size of Line
380V 18KW 1800¡Á2500mm 3-10mm 5-45m/min 5500Kg 15350¡Á2200¡Á2800mm

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