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LJZ2-500¡Á3600 Double-head Special Type Cutting Saw for Aluminum Door&Window



Product Features:
Function Description
This machine is mainly used for aluminum profile, aluminum radiator, PVC profile and aluminum curtain wall profiles sawing process. This machine use imported spindle motor, direct drive blade rotation, motion steady and reliable, and high accuracy.

Processing precision
Repeat length accuracy ¡Ü 0.2mm;
Profile Cutting angle tolerance ¡À 5 ';
Cutting surface vertical ¡Ü 0.1mm;
Cutting surface roughness Ra12.5¦Ì

Technical parameters:
Input power 380V 50HZ
Total power 4.5KW
Working air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Air consumption 200L/min
Blade speed 3467m/min
Maximum cutting width of 200mm
Maximum cutting height of 100mm
Double saw head cutting length 450 ~ 3500mm
Double cutting length 450-3500mm
Dimensions 4000 * 1120 * 1500mm
Weight 1800Kg

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