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QLBP2500 Auto Aluminum Trough Insulating Glass Flat-Pressing Production Line



Features and specialties
¡òLOW-E insulating Glass production line
¡òAutomatic control function for LOW-E Glass(3-brush treatment for LOW-E)
¡òAutomatic adjust function for pressing with hydraulic compression
¡òTilting table with hydraulic pressure
¡òMonitor using system
-Temperature / speed / production volume
-Mechanical trouble cheek
-Whole line control function with 1 monitor

Input Voltage Total Power Max.Glass Size Glass thickness Working Speed Total Weight Size of Line
380V 29.8KW 2500¡Á3200mm 3-18mm 12-48m/min 8000Kg 25200¡Á2560¡Á3380mm

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